:: Other emulators

As far I know, my emulator is the first which can emulate the Commodore LCD. Also, (as far as I know - again) it's the only emulator currently. However I can be wrong (tell me) and the situation can change in the future!

Currently I know from Mike, that there is an ongoing project within MAME/MESS to emulate the CLCD which predates my emulator but it does not work yet. Hopefully my site can help for others who wants to write emulators, maybe much mature ones than my JavaScript try ... If you need information or you have any question, just contact me. Contact e-mail address can be seen at the bottom of the thanks page.

Meanwhile, I helped others to develop MAME/MESS CLCD emulator into a usable form via email, with my publicated specification and - I guess - also with my - otherwise quite ugly - JavaScript code of my CLCD emulator. I'm proud to see that my work helps others to gain some progress with accelerated speed now since I made my site/emulator available :)