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It seems it's a common mistake to think this project, documentation and emulator and related information as the work of Blacklord. Please note, that he is not related to this project at all, it's my work: LGB. I guess this misunderstanding is because Blacklord was the one who quoted my announcement on some sites, thus some people thought he was the author/owner.

Commodore LCD was Commodore's plan to release a portable, battery powered computer with really good built-in softwares. We would call that "notebook" currently, I don't know how it would have been named though. Unfortunately the project had been canceled, only 2-5 fully assembled machines exist (according to various sources - it seems there are two units we can know their owners for sure). This site may give you more hints about the machine and its story though.

Since it's really hard to get any information on this machine (Commodore 65 seems to be overdocumented compared to this one), I've decided to create a site for it, collecting information and also writing an emulator which is able to run the original, unpatched ROM images*.

NOTE: information and the emulator on this site changes quite often currently as I could figure out new things (from ROM disassembly) or if I can get information from very helpful Commodore ex-engineers.

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