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If you don't know what is this page about please start HERE (that's the generic emulator, not this link on this page!).

OK, so you know what this page and my emulator are.


The emulator JavaScript code contains an option parser part which does not do too much currently. Later, it will be able to configure the emulator (RAM size, etc) given in the URL.

TestROM - "Yoda"

Currently the emulator only recognizes a single option, that is test=yoda, as an URL it should be

If you are interested why "Yoda", try it out (click on the link above) - though you need to read the rest of the page to know how :) What the emulator does differently in this mode is to load a ROM image (replacing an existing one) with my own code, giving a new application to the user. The purposes of this test:

Later, I plan to write a multi-purpose test suite. Please note, that this software - in theory, though I can't be sure ... - should run on a real Commodore LCD computer as well, of course.

For more about these topics, please read my CLCD specification.