Commodore LCD :: Different Commodore LCD versions

It seems there at least two different Commodore LCD versions, maybe they are in different developing state. The only known fact about the difference can bee seen below, as you can see, SHELL looks a bit different. I don't know if there are other differences as well and/or it means differences only in applications or in KERNAL too, also I don't know if there is difference on hardware level too. We have only ROM images what I've used with my emulator, it would be really nice to have the ROM images of the "other version" so we can compare them.

All of the documentation on my site and the emulator is about the ROM images I have, possibly it's the older version of the Commodore LCD for real, as the reconstructed screenshot looks like more "final" eg with some help text, etc!


Reconstructed screen from a bad quality photo of a real Commodore LCD (by Stefan Egger).


Screenshot of my emulator (it uses the ROM images saved by Bil Herd from
his own Commodore LCD with the equipment sent by Mike Naberezny)

Note: screenshot of my emulator is scaled to have similar dimensions to the recontructed image so it's easier to compare.

For easier comparsion we have the file names of ROM images, it's said to be named after the stickers on the EPROMs, it'd be interesting to check the stickers (and the IC position for Uxxx) in another CLCD if they're different:

It seems, two ROMs are labeled as "13apr" and the ROM has the byte signature near to the beginning as "04 12 85" which can be interpreted as packed BCD date which would give 1985-apr-12, one day difference between this interpretation and the sticker though, it seems.